What is new aside from the desgin? Read about our content regarding changes and new features:

New Search Technique: Subject Catalogue

A totally different kind of search you will find within the Subject Catalogue. Here you may browse through the different categories of the Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC). In each branch of this MSC tree you may start a simple search or display all the documents within this category. The query will search in the e-print server arXiv, the historical reviews of the Jahrbuch, the dissertations of MathDiss and the collection of mathematical web sites in the MathGuide.

New Database: [Subject] Catalogue Mathematics (GVK)

The separate library catalogues of the SUB Göttingen and of the TIB Hannover and the Common Union Catalogue (GVK) were replaced by a mathematical subject catalogue, named Catalogue Mathematics (GVK). This section of the GVK covers in particular the holdings of the two DFG special subject libraries SUB Göttingen and TIB Hannover for pure and applied mathematics, respectively.

New Database: Zentralblatt MATH

The online database of the Zentralblatt MATH is now included as an external source into vifamath, i.e. you will see the number of results in a list with all the other sources, but the presentation of the datas itself will lead you to the Zentralblatt MATH homepage.

New Database: ELibM

The Electronic Library of Mathematics contains online journals, article collections, monographs, and other electronic resources in the field of mathematics. All material is in electronic form and access is generally free, except for some periodicals with a "moving wall", i.e., a certain delay period after which resources become freely available.

New Database: Digitised Mathematics

We also extended the collection of digitisation projects, and included some new ones. Furthermore from now on, you will find the results of the single projects in a joint list of results. Your query will search the databases of the Center for Retrospective Digitization, Göttingen (GDZ), including the articles of DigiZeitschriften and the Russian Digital Mathematics Library RusDML; the french digitisation projects NUMDAM (Numérisation de documents anciens mathématiques) and Gallica, the Historical Mathematics Monographs of Cornell University Library and the Historical Mathematics Collection of the University of Michigan as well as JSTOR and Project Euclid.

New Category: Historical Mathematics

In the category Historical Mathematics we collected the databases with historical material. This includes several digitisation projects (see above about Digitised Mathematics) as well as the historical reviews of the Jahrbuch für Mathematik.

Search comfort

After a succesful search, you will find in your list of titles of the chosen database a box with the numbers of and direct access to the results within the other databases.


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