The Göttingen Digital Mathematics Library contains more than 2 million pages

As the library in charge of the special subject collection for pure mathematics the State and University Library Göttingen undertakes considerable efforts to digitize mathematical literature of the past in order to make it available online. The first and SLA PAM Division Award winning project was the so called ERAM Jahrbuch Project that particularly established a core archive of digitized mathematical publications containing more than 1 million pages. The RusDML Project was a further part of the global enterprise towards a World Digital Mathematics Library. The vision of a world-wide digital library for mathematics is due to the fact that it is a specific feature of mathematics that mathematical research results never go out of date. Hence, knowledge of and access to past publications is essential for mathematicians. Finally, the Göttingen Digital Mathematics Library grew up to more than 2 million pages in a present mass digitization project. The whole collection is available online to mathematicians around the world.

Search through the digitized mathematics collection is available via fidmath, see Digitised Mathematics under the menue items Historical Mathematics and Online Documents.