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The search on the home page is an over-all search in all the databases reached by the Mathematics Information Service.
For more special requests, an advanced search is available. Furthermore, you may also search in single databases as well as in the following special collections:

Catalogues, Reviews

To find mathematical books and journals, a single query units relevant library catalogues and two review services.

Catalogue Mathematics (GVK)
In this section of the Common Union Catalogue (GVK) you will find all of its literature that is classified as mathematics.
The GVK is the union catalogue of the libraries of seven northern German federal states, including the two special subject libraries for Pure Mathematics (SUB Göttingen) and Applied Mathematics (TIB Hannover).

Jahrbuch database
A literature database based on the "Jahrbuch über die Fortschritte der Mathematik" (JFM), the first review service in mathematics (1868-1942). It contains digitisations of the printed reviews of the JFM, updated by additional information like the MSC classification or English keywords and—if available—links to full texts of the reviewed publications, mostly stored in digitisation centres like Göttingen, Gallica, NUMDAM, Cornell, Michigan and Graz.

Online Contents
Subject oriented selection—mathematics and informatics in this case—of bibliographic data from the Swets Database Online Contents. It covers the holdings of articles titles from scientific periodicals and is updated continuously by the SUB Göttingen and the TIB Hannover.

Online Documents

In this category you may search for articles and other publications (meta data and full text) from different preprint servers, digitisation servers and archives or collections of journals.

The Mathematics Information Service uses the mathematics section of the arXiv. The arXiv is an e-print service in the fields of mathematics, statistics, physics, computer science, quantative biology and quantative finance. The arXiv is owned, operated and funded by Cornell University, it was originally developed by Paul Ginsparg and hosted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

The Electronic Library of Mathematics contains online journals, article collections, monographs, and other electronic resources in the field of mathematics. All material is available in electronic form and access is generally free, except for some periodicals with a "moving wall", i.e., a certain delay period after which resources become freely available.

MathDiss is a collection of (German) dissertations in the field of mathematics.

Internet Resources / Websites

Research in the database MathGuide, a collection of mathematics websites. Those websites are described, classified and evaluated with a set of Dublin Core metadata.

Meta data search MathGuide
Research in the meta data, i.e. in the descriptions of the websites stored in MathGuide.

Digitised Mathematics

The Digitisation Registry provides information about digitisation projects and access to digitised materials. It gives simultaneous access to a variety of digitisation projects:

GDZ: Collection Mathematica
Mathematika is the collection of the mathematical digitisations of the Center for Retrospective Digitization, Göttingen (GDZ). It contains monographs as well as journals and their articles—the latter are also available at DigiZeitschriften—and the metadata of the journals of the Russian Digital Mathematics Library RusDML.

NUMDAM (Numérisation de documents anciens mathématiques)
French digitisation program, that has set up free access to bibliographical data and articles of French mathematical journals. For each journal, all the volumes published up to year 2000 have been retro-digitised. The articles are available for online access after a given time (moving wall) during which they are reserved for subscribers.

Historical Math Monographs
The Cornell University Library Historical Mathematics Monographs is a collection of selected monographs with expired copyrights chosen from the mathematics field. These were monographs that were brittle and decaying and in need of rescue.

University of Michigan Historical Mathematics Collection
Collection of books selected from the University of Michigan mathematics collection of the 19th or early 20th century that have been digitised to improve access and to preserve the content of these books.

Oberwolfach Digital Archive
On this page, the Oberwolfach Research Institute for Mathematics provides digitized historical database like lecturenotes, guest books and conference proceedings.

Kulturerbe Niedersachsen
The portal offers direct access to selected digitally gathered cultural assets of Lower Saxony. 

Other digitisation projects
Some journal data of the following digitisation projects are also availabe : JSTOR, Project Euclid, Gallica.

Central Archive for German Mathematics Bequests

Our alphabetical listing is the only online information about the bequests that are kept in the Central Archive for German Mathematics Bequests.

List of Journals

The list of mathematical journals offered by the Mathematics Information Service, is generated by the data of the Electronic Journals Library (EZB), known as Regensburger Liste. It offers you a fast, structured and unified interface to access full text articles online.