red Arkiv för Matematik (1949-2017)

Publisher: International Press ; Institut Mittag-Leffler ; Springer
ISSN: 1871-2487 (electronic), 0004-2080 (printed)
ZDB-Number: 2113040-1
Subjects: Mathematik
Keywords: Allgemeine mathematische Zeitschriften
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Fulltext online since: Vol. 1 (1949)
Fulltext online until: Vol. 54 (2016)
Type of appearance: Volltext, Online und Druckausgabe
Pricetype: kostenpflichtig
Remarks: distributed by Springer Nature as of 2017. New publisher 55.2017: International Press. From January 2017 Arkiv för matematik is produced and distributed in print and online by International Press of Boston. The journal is now freely available online without subscription. This is valid for the full text of all articles published from 1949 to the present. Print subscriptions to Arkiv för matematik may be purchased from International Press.