Logo: Photo Collection Oberwolfach

Oberwolfach Photo Collection

This collection of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach contains photographs of mathematicians from all over the world. The collection is based on a donation from Prof. Konrad Jacobs (Erlangen) in the 1950's and has been continued by taking photos from every single group visiting Oberwolfach since about 1998.

Logo: Mathematics Genealogy Project

Mathematics Genealogy Project

The intent of this project is to compile information about all the mathematicians of the world. For each individual they plan to show: name of the degree recipient, name of the university which awarded the (doctoral) degree, year, title of dissertation and name(s) of the advisor(s).

Searching: All searches are truncated at the beginning and at the end (i.e. partial matches will work as well). For example: "diec" will give you at least "Tammo tom Dieck" and "Alexander Grothendieck".