green Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA)

Verlag: Kent State University Library
ISSN: 1068-9613 (elektronisch), 1097-4067 (elektronisch)
ZDB-Nummer: 2017336-2
Fachgruppen: Informatik , Mathematik
Schlagworte: Numerik
Homepage: , ,
erste Volltextausgabe: Vol. 1 (1993)
Erscheinungform: Volltext, nur online
Kosten: kostenlos
Bemerkung: is an electronic journal for the publication of significant new and important developments in numerical analysis and scientific computing. Papers of the highest quality that deal with the analysis of algorithms for the solution of continuous models and numerical linear algebra are appropriate for ETNA, as are papers of similar quality that discuss implementation and performance of such algorithms.