red Journal of Commutative Algebra

Verlag: Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium ; Project EUCLID ; JSTOR
ISSN: 1939-2346 (elektronisch), 1939-0807 (gedruckt)
ZDB-Nummer: 2490756-X
Fachgruppen: Mathematik
Schlagworte: Algebra
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erste Volltextausgabe: Vol. 1, 1 (2009)
Erscheinungform: Volltext, Online und Druckausgabe
Kosten: kostenpflichtig
Bemerkung: Journal of Commutative Algebra publishes significant results in the area of commutative algebra and closely related fields including algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, representation theory, semigroups and monoids. It also publishes substantial expository/survey papers as well as conference proceedings.