red SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications (Formerly: SIAM Journal on Algebraic and Discrete Methods)

Publisher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
ISSN: 1095-7162 (electronic), 0196-5212 (printed), 0895-4798 (printed)
ZDB-Number: 1468407-X
Subjects: Mathematik
Keywords: Algebra
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Fulltext online since: Vol. 1, 1 (1980)
Type of appearance: Volltext, Online und Druckausgabe
Pricetype: kostenpflichtig
Remarks: Bis 8.1987 u.d.T.: SIAM Journal on Algebraic and Discrete Methods (0196-5212). Back volumes über Locus sind kostenpflichtig! (1.1980 - 17.1996) Contains research articles on linear algebra with emphasis on applications and numerical procedures. These applications include such areas as Markov chains, networks, signal processing, systems and control theory, mathematical programming, economic and biological modeling, and statistics and operations research.